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About my work.

Colour has always been the most important element in my fibre work. Seeing the rows of colour build and interact as I weave is a constant inspiration. Fibre colours interact differently than pigment, and each fibre content; wool, silk, linen, cotton, etc., has a unique way of reflecting colour. I am constantly adapting and mixing colours of yarn to get the values and tones that I want. This is what inspires me to stay at the loom day after day.


My artwork at this time is not about making a statement. There is so much strife in the world that I find I want to create simple, calm and harmonious art that can hopefully bring a pleasing visual experience to the viewer.

Beginning in fall 2023 my work will be available at the Artisans Cooperative.

Education Summary

Master of Fine Arts, New Media                                                                            

TransArt Institute, Berlin, Germany

  • My coursework focused on the exploration of graphic and textile surface design within the educational environment. 

Master of Arts, Design and Advertising                                                                 Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York

  • Coursework focused on branding, identity design, publication design and advertising

  • Thesis topic: Discovering Artists Books


Graduate Studies, Textile Art                                                                                   University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland

Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana

•   Fiber, Dyeing and Art History


Bachelor of Arts, English
University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

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